NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP

Top Group Ltd is the official representative and strategic partner of NetSuite+Oracle and NetSuite in Israel. It is a world leading cloud-based ERP system with an information platform that supports all the functions in an organization, supplying administrative/financial/operational information in real time in a unified, concentrated, and shared manner.
Real Time IDC and Gartner NetSuite rank NetSuite at the top as the best innovative system for small and medium businesses, and also for large businesses.

Who is the system for?

NetSuite is the optimal system for growing companies in the fields of hi-tech, services and distribution that are expanding globally. 


NetSuite’s ERP cloud solution is suited to both small and large organizations.

The cloud solution provides a significant savings and makes expensive computer infrastructures obsolete.

An advanced secured solution readily accessible from all devices (laptop, desktop, smartphone, and any public computer)

Managers Dashboard – one glance surveys all the companies / representatives / warehouses / inventories around the world.

The system is adapted to different regulatory environments that vary from country to country

The best solution that supplies an exact response to the present and future needs of growing companies that maintain representation offices abroad

The main advantages of the system

Extensive financial abilities to manage financial statements, bookkeeping, and subsidiaries with different currencies and localizations

Integration with AGILE PLM – at Top Group we specialize in interfacing NetSuite systems to the worlds of Supply Chain, thereby enabling the integration of NetSuite with AGILE PLM.

A rich functionality and a flexible platform for managing organizational resources

An advanced analytical business intelligence (BI) system to manage customer service relations (CRM)

More on Top Group

Top Group Ltd is traded on the Tel-Aviv stock exchange and has more than 20 years’ experience in developing and implementing software solutions in large, innovative and complex organizations in Israel. Among the company’s clients are over 1,200 industrial, engineering, infrastructure, communications, banking and financial organizations, including in the security and public sectors. The company supplies the most popular product lifecycle management (PLM) tools used by hi-tech companies in Israel. Top’s advanced cloud-based solutions serve tens of thousands of users every month.

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