Top Group is a leading and growing company in Israel for advanced software solutions and computer services. Our vision is to stand at the forefront of solution providers and to lead companies and organizations to the height of technology in a variety of fields where we stand as leaders in the Israeli market: construction, real estate and building maintenance, property management, HR and recruitment, auditing and regulation, engineering configuration management and more.

Top Group is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and has over 20 years of experience in developing and assimilating software for Israel's largest, most innovative and complex organizations. Among our customers are over 1200 organizations in the fields of industry, engineering and infrastructure, communications, banking and finance, security and the public sector.

Top Group advanced cloud solutions serve tens of thousands of users per month. We conduct hundreds of thousands of employee assessments per year, enable property management as well as management of construction projects in billions of shekels, and provide the most commonly used product lifecycle management tools for Israel's high-tech companies.

Human capital is a significant element in Top Group' growth. We believe that the company's core, strength and potency lie in its experienced employees and managers, who enable us to lead and provide our loyal customers with the world's most innovative software and computer services solutions.

Top Group' verticals provide a comprehensive range of technological management solutions and together we lead our customers to the very top.

TOP Ramdor 

A comprehensive cloud software solution to manage all aspects of engineering projects. The most advanced and popular software in Israel that presents a complete and up-to-date picture and contributes significantly to improving the control of any project. Maintenance, quality assurance, work logs, protocols and tasks, price lists, agreements and document management. A 360 complete and comprehensive solution!

TOP Solutions

A software and technology development company that provides hundreds of organizations in Israel and the world with a variety of advanced solutions in the field: employee evaluation and goal management, GRC management, task tracking, customer experience feedback, auditing and quality assurance, employee recruitment processes and organizational surveys.

Ziv Systems

Ziv Systems offers a variety of advanced software solutions for managing real estate and construction projects. The company is a business partner of SAP and implements its ERP system that provides advanced tools for asset management. In addition, Ziv Systems provides consulting and support services in the fields of budget preparation and implementation of control processes in construction companies.


A leader in implementing the most advanced and popular system in Israel for product lifecycle management Agile – for electronics, medical and hi-tech companies, and provides implementation, development and integration services with its team of experts who are leaders in this field in Israel.

TOP Soft

Specializes in providing consulting and outsourcing services with its software development, testing and system professionals to a variety of leading companies and organizations in Israel. The recruitment team is committed to a personal relationships and an in-depth knowledge of its clients' needs; a key element for success in the field of recruitment and placement.

TOP NetSuite

Top Group is a business partner of Oracle-NetSuite in Israel – with financial and logistical expertise in software, cyber, medical equipment, international trade, electronics and semiconductor companies. NetSuite’s team at Top Group, assimilates the system according to the evolving needs of each organization and specializes in implementation and connection to PLM systems.


A leader as a SAP Business One software solutions provider in Israel as a Gold Partner.
With over 20 years of experience and expertise, she has developed vertical solutions and best practices for a variety of industries: agriculture, logistics, maintenance, supply, furniture and law firms.
RELS has advanced development capabilities and specific expertise in a wide range of fields, flexibility and creativity in implementing development and assimilation of technological solutions.


Known visionary & leader in Enterprise BI with Vast experience with Embedded Analytics and More than 200 active enterprise customers globally 

Vertical Telecom Analytics solutions
AI & Analytics product offering

Best practice in:

Telecom, Wholesale, Retail & Consumer Goods, Healthcare
Banking & Insurance.